Was werde ich im Studium lernen?

Finde heraus, was Du im Studium lernen wirst und bereite die Inhalte BEVOR die Veranstaltung begonnen hat - Vorlesungsverzeichnis mit allen Veranstaltungen.

Suchergebnisse mit Tag „Anglistik“

What is the relation between human action and its consequences in fictional texts? It is this question which the advanced seminar revolves around. Fiction is full of responsibly and irresponsibly acting figures, who must deal with their decisions and the consequences thereof. We will look at displays of human behaviour, its justifications and legal implications, and at the results of this behaviour, trying to discern different patterns of choice-making and their consequences for fictional characters and the world they live in. In the focus will be questions of morality, responsibility, knowledge, scientific progress, and guilt.

A Survey of American Literature

This course will give an introduction to the diversity of American literature. It complements the lecture "A History of American Literature," which is offered every summer semester. Reading and analyzing texts from pre-colonial times to the present, we will try to get an overview of important movements and authors. In our discussions of writings taken from all main literary genres we will attempt to determine some of the characteristics of American literature in general and of individual periods and writers in particular.

Chinua Achebe's African Trilogy

The novels by Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe can be counted among the classics of anglophone literature in Africa. Especially his first three novels, Things Fall Apart (1958), No Longer at Ease (1960) and Arrow of God (1964), which have been combined under the title of The African Trilogy, form a fascinating chronicle of the colonial encounter between European and African culture in West Africa and the conflicts arising therefrom. The novels trace the consequences of this through various generations in the form of a family saga that extends from the 19th century until post-independence in the sixties of the 20th century. In addition to his creative writing Achebe has been quite vociferous as a literary critic. His seminal articles on the function of literature, especially in an African context, and his preference for writing in English rather than his native Igbo will be discussed in conjunction with the novels. Students are asked to buy and read the following text before the start of the semester: Chinua Achebe, The African Trilogy, London: Picador, 1988.

Brückenkurs Englisch

Vertiefung und Ausbau der vorhandenen Englischkenntnisse. Vermittlung eines allgemeinwissenschaftlichen Wortschatzes, eine Einführung in den logischen und argumentativen Aufbau von wissenschaftlichen Texten. Die Lektüre und Analyse von fachbezogenen Texten als Hilfe zum Leseverständnis, die Produktion von geschriebenen Texten. Arbeitsmaterialien werden gegen Kostenbeteiligung zur Verfügung gestellt.

The first aim of this course is to give students the opportunity to improve their receptive language skills (listening and reading comprehension) with the help of authentic materials. At the same time students will be encouraged to enlarge their vocabulary by focusing on a number of specific topics and vocabulary fields. The target vocabulary will first of all be introduced in context before students have a chance to encounter some of this vocabulary again in carefully chosen texts and to use it themselves during in-class discussions. Furthermore, we will review a number of grammatical and lexical problem areas in English which cause difficulty and frequently lead to mistakes. Students will be expected to identify, correct and explain typical errors that Germans still make at university level. Please pick up the relevant materials from the copy shop (Kopiersysteme Ewald Priebe, Segerothstr. 81) shortly before the semester begins.